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About Us

Welcome to the most efficient business registration service providers in South Africa!

We specialize in doing all business registrations required for new and existing businesses in South Africa.

We act on your behalf and register your company with CIPC, SARS, The Department of Labour and other relevant departments taking care of all the registrations you need to start a business in South Africa.

Why Us?

We strive to handle all your registration requirements in the shortest time frame and offer you an unforgettable service experience.

Our services are rendered nationally and internationally to anyone who is looking to start a business in South Africa.

We are humbled by the fact that a great number of attorneys and accounting firms use our services to register companies for their clients as well as handling CIPC annual returns and all other secretarial services for their clients.

We have been in the company registration business from 2010, and hence are well aware of all the updated regulations with regards to company registration as well as all other business registrations in South Africa.

Our online company registration service makes business registration so much easier for our clients.

Feel free to contact us using below form. We’ll be happy to assist you.